Welcome to SureRemit Facts

This site was created by a member of the SureRemit community as a service to the SureRemit community. It is not considered investment advice. It is provided solely to educate members of the community, and the broader cryptocurrency/blockchain community, about a project poised to finally deliver on blockchain and cryptocurrency’s transformative potential.

“SureRemit has opened our eyes to the possibilities of blockchain and its implications for Africa’s development. We are now racing to be leaders in this space.” – Nichole Yembra, GreenHouse Capital

The SureRemit app brings zero-fee and instant non-cash remittances to a global audience. SureRemit users can transmit vouchers for goods, services, or bill payment to anyone, anywhere.


SureRemit cuts out high-fee middlemen and allows senders to ensure that their funds are spent as intended. With SureRemit you can pay a relatives electric bill, send them a voucher for groceries, top off their mobile minutes, and much much more – all in seconds.

Why is this important? Because billions of people depend on remittances to make ends meet. Current providers take a significant cut of wired funds and add complexity, time, and inconvenience to the process. Giving the world’s immigrants and remittance recipients access to instant and fee-free transfers of value could put billions of dollars back into the pockets of the underserved communities who have been left with no other options – until now.


This potential has attracted investment from an impressive array of respected venture capital groups on multiple continents: 500 Startups, #Hashed, dAlchemy, and GreenHouse Capital are all on board.

”The team behind SureRemit are a group of experts who have varying experiences across E-commerce, Banking, Aviation, Logistics, and Finance. The co-founders were part of the founding team of Jumia which is regarded as the only tech Unicorn in Africa and have also executed successful projects in Banking and Financial Services industry. SureRemit is built on the back of SureGifts, the first gift card aggregator and retailer in Sub-Saharan Africa, backed by leading traditional investors and Angels such as; 500 Startups, one of the leading tech-accelerators in the world, GreenHouse Investments, CRE.VC which led one of the largest investments ($40mm) ever into an Africa-based company”

SureRemit also has an enthusiastic, and growing, community of supporters who believe in it and the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency to deliver inclusive and fair financial products to everyone regardless of income, location, or status.  We hope you will join us!