Ready for Launch…Almost

Screenshot from 2018-05-31 17-49-01

SureRemit co-founder Samuel-Biyi shared the following update with the SureRemit community on Telegram this afternoon:

Hi All! Firstly, thank you all for your support the passed weeks. We have been working relentlessly to prepare for the app release and related processes and we are grateful for a community that supports us the way you all do. We very much appreciate your support and effort to make SureRemit a success. From me and the team a solid Thank You! Before announcing some great news, let me touch up on some outstanding matters:

Token Swap:
As mentioned before there will be a token swap to solve some issues. I will provide you with more details asap. We are in the finalizing stages to make sure this process will be easy, instant and efficient.

App Release:
App release will commence after successful token swap. Of course we will celebrate this occasion! We will announce this asap too.

For now, we are very proud to launch our new website:

While we are finalizing the above, we invite you to browse around and please, let us know what you think!

More updates will be done to the site, and we’ll be giving more information on the site and other things as we go into the weekend

Again, many thanks for your continued support. I’ll get back to it!!



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