25 Cool Things You Can Do With SureRemit

Screenshot from 2018-06-15 03-50-22.png

When the SureRemit app goes live soon users worldwide will have countless practical applications for their RMT tokens at their fingertips. Sending value to friends and family will be painless, practical, instantaneous, and essentially free. You can even send vouchers to yourself.

While many merchants in the SureRemit network will be global, some will specific to certain countries. If some of these services aren’t available where you would like rest assured that the team is working relentlessly to grow the network.

  1. Pay your mom’s electric bill.
  2. Send your grandmother a grocery voucher.
  3. Top up a family member’s mobile minutes.
  4. Send a friend an Amazon voucher.
  5. Buy a friend a Starbuck’s latte – or ten.
  6. Pay your family’s cable TV bill.
  7. Pay your child’s college tuition.
  8. Send a loved one a pharmacy voucher for medicine.
  9. Buy airline tickets.
  10. Pay your family’s internet service bill.
  11. Pay your member dues in professional organizations.
  12. Donate to the charity of your choice.
  13. Send your wife a voucher for a day at the spa.
  14. Send a friend movie tickets.
  15. Send colleagues a restaurant voucher to recognize their hard work.
  16. Send the bookworm in your family a bookstore voucher.
  17. Buy a voucher redeemable for a full detail at a car spa.
  18. Give mom a break – send her a laundry and dry cleaning voucher.
  19. Remodel your entire kitchen. Yes, you can do that.
  20. Send your son a voucher for a new suit before his first interview.
  21. Send your nieces and nephews vouchers for their local amusement park.
  22. Buy video games with vouchers redeemable at major retailers and game stores.
  23. Have brunch delivered.
  24. Send a new mother a voucher for baby supplies and toys.
  25. Entertain someone with a Virgin Megastore voucher.

With SureRemit you will be able to control how your money is used and your friends and loved ones will receive the full value of your contribution. Your gift won’t be wasted on expensive and unnecessary fees.

You can see some of the merchants who will be part of the SureRemit merchant network on the SureGifts website.

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