Protect Yourself from Cryptocurrency Scams

Screenshot from 2018-06-16 03-50-20.png

At first glance this looks like the official Sure Remit Twitter account. However, there are several (hopefully obvious) indicators that it is a scam. First, while the name says “SureRemit” the actual twitter handle is @RemitSure. Other signs that you’re dealing with a fraud include multiple grammatical errors, low follower count, low tweet count, a very dodgy domain name for their giveaway (don’t ever click on those), and the promise of free tokens.

You can help minimize this activity by reporting these scammers and blocking them. However, it is easy for them to create new accounts and start again. So the most important thing is to educate yourself, use common sense, and try to help others in the cryptocurrency space by steering them away from bad decisions – like sending scammers ETH in exchange for “free” tokens.

Get familiar with SureRemit’s official channels and check in with them if you need to verify rumors or an announcement. Connect with other community members, and the team, on /r/SureRemit and the official Telegram circle. You still have to be careful, scammers are everywhere, but if you’re connected to the community and official news it will be even easier to spot a scam when you see one.

Update: Check out the new Crypto Security Guides page for additional resources.

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