SureRemit Launches Global Remittance Service

The team just pushed the long-awaited announcement to their blog:

SureRemit is a non-cash remittance service provider utilizing the blockchain and the RMT token to facilitate global remittances. With SureRemit you can purchase vouchers, pay bills, send airtime, and donate to charity with ease — from your phone. We made remitting simple, safe & secure, very low cost (0% to 2%), and lightning fast! Choose from our (continuously growing) 690+ merchant network and send vouchers to your family, friends, and loved ones all over the world or just spoil yourself with an Amazon voucher (Amazon Europe will be added in the coming weeks, USA follows)! To make it even easier, you can purchase all of the vouchers using a credit card in-App. No cryptocurrency expertise is required! Are you a RMT token holder? Great! You can use your RMT tokens to purchase the vouchers. That’s remitting with SureRemit. No. More. Hassle.

Did you know that there are about 250 million immigrants in the world sending over $600bn to support their friends and families back home every year? The remittance market is a significant source of funding for many individuals and families across the world. Recipients of remittances, particularly in emerging markets, rely on this income for basic needs like food, clothing, medicine, utility bill payments, among other needs. In some countries remittances make up a significant portion of their GDP.

We’re constantly expanding our merchant network and not only on the African continent. SureRemit is a global platform and we will enter markets worldwide to provide low cost remittance services to the undeserved. Our mission is to help individuals and families in every corner of the globe.

Built on Stellar, we created the RMT token to facilitate easy cross border remittances. It literally takes seconds to send a remittance as Stellar’s network is extremely fast and charges very low transaction fees. Using SureRemit, recipients don’t have to travel and wait in long lines to receive an expensive wire transfer. All they need is a mobile phone or email address. SureRemit is great for senders too. Not only is it far cheaper, ensuring that your loved ones get more value in their pockets, but by sending a non-cash remittance you know that the value you sent will be utilized as intended.

Read the whole thing then go download the app for your Apple or Android phone and give it a try!



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