SureRemit Update: App Updates, Referral Program Launch, Liquidity Exchange, & Communication Changes

The team posted the following updates to the SureRemit Telegram Circle today:


Busha, a Nigerian-based exchange, is currently working to prepare the exchange for a smooth and successful launch. Meanwhile we are working together closely with the Busha team to develop the software for our backend. The aim is to launch Busha before the end of the year.

App Updates

Next week we will push app updates containing:

  • Referrals – The referral program is being finalized and your referral code will be available in app in next week’s update. Referring to new users will grant you and the referred a complimentary RMT balance to be used in app. The amount of RMT will be calculated this week.
  • Security features – Various security measures will be implemented, including credit card security features.


We will lock the issuing account before the end of September. This guarantees that the token supply is limited to one billion. We’re also implementing some security measures.

Bounty program

In addition to the referral possibility in app, we’re aiming to start the bounty program next week. The aim of the bounty is to significantly grow the community, this will also assist with future exchange listings. Details are being finalized now.


Weekly updates – as of the 14th of September 2018 we’ll start releasing weekly updates. They will be posted on the relevant Community/Social Media platforms.

Chat with the Team – In addition to the weekly updates, one of the team members (with each their areas of expertise) will come online in the SureRemit Circle Telegram group for a 15 min. (or so) chat. We’ll create a calendar (time and team member) for this in advance and post it.

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