Resources to help new and existing community members connect and get active.

Get Involved – An Easy Step by Step Guide

Get Creative

There are endless ways to support SureRemit’s mission in, and outside of, official community channels. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Make instructional YouTube videos to assist new community members with:
  • Share information about SureRemit with organizations that support immigrant populations in your city.
  • Host a SureRemit Meetup.
  • Share information about SureRemit on message boards used by expat communities.
  • Translate sections of the whitepaper and share them via /r/sureremit or a blog post.
  • Blog about SureRemit. You can create a free blog at


Coming Soon

The SureRemit team will be launching a Country Ambassador program in 2018. Getting involved now will help prepare you for this, or similar, programs as SureRemit expands globably.


Please be mindful about spam, or the perception of spam and how you conduct yourself as a member of the SureRemit community. As a community member, or future SureRemit Ambassador, you can play an important role in connecting under-served populations to an application that could allow millions of people to avoid the predatory practices of the remittance industry.