Feedback Center

This is a repository for various ongoing polls of the community. It’s your chance to offer the SureRemit team your insights and feedback on the company and it’s software.

iOS and Android App Bug Reporting Tool: This short form feeds your issues directly to the development team for resolution. You can also use the in-app “Live Chat” to report issues.

Feedback for the SureRemit Team: This is a place to put questions to the team that might be addressed in future support material or events for the SureRemit community.

Merchant Suggestion Form: Tell the team about your favorite business and services and they might get added to the app.

Charity Suggestion Form: Tell the team which organizations you would like to see added to the SureRemit app’s donation tab.

Application Feature Request Form: The SureRemit team never stops working to improve their application and service. Now your feedback can help them identify and prioritize future enhancements.