Frequently Asked Questions.


When did the application launch?

The app officially launched on August 24th, 2018.

RMT Token

Where can I buy SureRemit’s RMT tokens?

The SureRemit Facts RMT Tokens page his links and tips.

Where can I get data on RMT token activity (purchases, trades, holders, etc)

The StellarExpert RMT page is an excellent source of data.

How will SureRemit application users purchase RMTs?

Experienced cryptocurrency users will be able to transfer their RMTs to a personal wallet inside the SureRemit application. Users will also be able to fund their SureRemit application wallet via credit card. This will shield many users from the complexity of cryptocurrency purchases and transfers.

Where can I store my RMTs?

RMTs are a Stellar-based asset. That means you can store them in your Stellar wallet by establishing a trustline.

Can I use a Ledger Nano S with RMTs?

Yes! The team has posted detailed instructions (see Category 3) on their blog.

SureRemit Team

Where can I learn more about the team

The team has been profiled by multiple media outlets. Notable profiles are linked on the SureRemit Facts Media and Video pages.

How can I reach the team?

The team is active on Telegram. They can also be found on Twitter: @samuel_biyi, @femdada, @oginnidipo, @ojodeoye. You can also reach out via email at info@sureremit.co.

Where can I read the whitepaper?

At sureremit.co.


What kind of blockchain technology does SureRemit use?

SureRemit is powered by Stellar – a system designed from the ground up to promote global financial access. With its ability to tokenize any asset and built in decentralized exchange Stellar is perfectly suited for near instantaneous and almost free cross-border transactions.

Why did the team choose a blockchain solution?

The underlying blockchain/crypto-token technology layer allows the team to deliver value across borders (and currency types) in a seamless and near-instantaneous (seconds) fashion.  SureRemit is uniting the numerous benefits of these emerging technologies with the proven and immediately scalable non-cash remittance model in which they have already had success. For more details on SureRemit’s business model and the underlying technology that powers it please review the SureRemit whitepaper.

Why did SureRemit create their own token? Why not just use Stellar Lumens?

The Stellar platform was designed from the ground up to facilitate deployment of projects like SureRemit’s. Issuing a unique token on the Stellar platform allows SureRemit to insulate their economy from the unintended consequences of sharing a token with potentially dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other projects.

The SureRemit App

Where can I download the app?

The SureRemit app is available in the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Will the merchants in the SureGifts ecosystem be available to SureRemit users at launch?


Will senders, receivers, or merchants have to worry about fluctuations in the value of RMTs?

Not at all. Using U.S. dollars as an example: If a customer buys a $20 Amazon voucher SureRemit will guarantee the appropriate payment to Amazon and the receiver of the voucher will get the full $20 value regardless of market fluctuations. SureRemit assumes the risk of settlement. This topic was covered in the team’s first AMA.

Will the app function as a cryptocurrency wallet?

While individual users may have a balance of RMTs the app is not intended to function as a standalone wallet at launch.


How can I get involved in the SureRemit community?

Check out the SureRemit Facts Community page for a step-by-step guide and ideas.

How can I have input into the application’s evolution, vendor choices, and other factors?

You can engage the SureRemit community and company principals in the SureRemit Telegram group. The team is responsive and incredibly receptive to good ideas. Many suggestions made by the community during the application’s beta testing period were implemented immediately and the community continues to support the team with feedback and ideas.

Token Swap

Why was it necessary to do a Token Swap?
The initial token was locked without the home domain set. To ensure that the discoverability of the token on decentralized exchanges will not be in issue in the future it was decided to address the issue with a reissued token.

How can I swap my ‘old’ RMT tokens for new RMT tokens?
Visit https://swap.sureremit.co/.

Is there a time limit for the token swap?
As of now there is no time limit to swap your old tokens for new RMT. The swap link https://swap.sureremit.co will be available for an indefinite period until the situation requires otherwise.

Will this token swap impact SureRemit’s roadmap and goals?
No, it will not.


Where can I learn more about the social and economic impact of remittances?

The SureRemit Facts Remittance Facts page has links to research from the World Bank and Pew Research.